Start by inserting your USB drive into any of the USB ports on your computer. Once inserted go to “Computer” – from here you’ll be able to see any drives connected to your computer.

Right click on the USB drive as shown, and select “Turn on BitLocker” 

The system will now check the device the compatible with BitLocker – Please do not remove the drive during BitLocker setup. 

Now that the drive has been checked, you’ll need to choose how to unlock the drive. 

Select “Use a password to unlock the drive” You will now be prompted to enter a password.
**Complexity rules apply - The password must contain at least 3 of the following, upper or lower case letters, numbers, spaces and or symbols**


Once you have set your password, you will be asked where you want to save your “Recovery Key”. Select “Save to a file” It is important that you save the file to your “My Documents” in a new folder created for you called “BitLocker”. 

This key will help recover the drive if you forget the password. 

Now that you’ve saved your recovery key, we need to decide how to encrypt the drive. 

It is recommended and quicker that your only encrypt the data that is already on the drive. New data added will be encrypted as your save files to the drive – no need to worry.

We need to select an “Encryption Mode”, this will help ensure that the drive can be used on different version of the Microsoft operating system platform. It is recommended that you select “Compatible Mode”

You’re now ready to encrypt your drive! You’ve chosen your password, backed up the recovery key, selected how to encrypt the data and what mode to use. Click “Start encrypting”

Your drive will now begin encrypting itself.

If your drive is “New” and never been used the drive will encrypt very quickly. If your drive is used and has data on it then it all depends on how big the drive is and the amount of data already on the drive will be a factor in how long the drive takes to encrypt. Once the drive has finished encrypting you’ll see the following message. 

You will now be prompted each time you enter the drive into a machine to unlock it. 

You’ll see below that the USB drive has a “padlock” over it – this means that the drive is still locked. 

Right click on the drive and select “Unlock Drive” 

You will then be prompted for the password you entered during the BitLocker setup process.