You will first need to download the "Microsoft Remote Desktop" app from the App Store.


If your still struggling after following the details below, watch the video here:

URL for the Workspaces: 

Bletchingley Village Primary School:

Hamsey Green Primary School:

Woodlea Primary School:

Warlingham School:

Tap the "+" to start, then select "Add Workspace"

Now enter the URL for your school, displayed at the top of this guide

Then tap on "User Account" and select "Add New Account"

Enter your email address as the "user@Domain or Domain\User" 

Then your password for the school computers

When your finished, tap "Save"

The "User Account" field should then be populated for the entry you created

Tap "Next" and the app will connect your services.

You have now added your services for the school you belong too.

In this demo we added "Warlingham School" but you can added more then 1 if your assignd to more then 1 school.