Click on the "Network" icon on the taskbar. This is where you would also see "Wireless" network connections.

You then click onto "Network & Internet settings"

Now click on VPN on the left hand navigation bar

Click on "Add a VPN connection

You will then be asked to enter some information about the VPN

Enter the following information:

VPN provider: Windows (built-in)
Connection Name: Warlingham School or Tandridge Learning Trust

Server name or address (Warlingham):

Server name or address (Tandridge Learning Trust):

VPN type: Automatic
Username: j.smith (Example: John Smith - this is your username that you log into your school pc with)
Password: Your network password

Then click "Save" and close the window.

You will now notice on your "Wireless" networking bar that a new option appears. Click on either Warlingham School or Tandridge Learning Trust - The name of the VPN you gave in the setup.

Click "Connect"

You will then see after a second or two that the connection shows as "Connected"

You are now connected to the network! You will be able to access shared drives, SIMS etc as if in school.